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XM receiver for pre wired head unit

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Took a pass on the $895 XM receiver 'plug in' for the head unit. They said it was pre wired aand I could get "any XM unit" and use it.

Has anybody done this? Does the head unit determine how the display looks or is it the plug in module? Where are these 'non Lexus' available?

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We sell our Sat radio kits for $799 installed. They are not "Lexus brand", as Lexus does not actually make their own, they are all 3rd party.
Still sounds pretty steep. Am I just clueless to their cost? Is this a DIY install?

I need to find the sirius antenna so I can use my protable receiver. I have the electrical manual so I will look into it.
Xrayman, this is NOT a DIY by any means !! I would not recommend anyone doing anything to these cars unless they are qualified by Lexus.

Remember, you get what you pay for.
So, I gather that it involves removing the facia and the head unit and not just a plug in in the trunk area. Oh well.

Thanks, I think I will just get by with my i-pod. :cool:
Since the XM channel shake-up, I've been thinkin' seriously about the Slacker G2. Seems to be getting great word-of-mouth. :cool:
i and others have done the install. it's not that hard. i chose sirius (doesn't matter anymore). i bought the radio module and interface mod as a package through tss radio. i also got the sharkfin antenna adapter from the same site. if you go to their site and search on lexus both items i mentioned will come up. price came to ~370. you need to pull back some of the carpet in the trunk to connect the antenna. then run that up to the front of the car. i ran it to under the passenger seat which is also where the radio and int mods sit. those two mods connect together and then connect up to the back of the headunit. that's the hardest part. to remove the headunit you need to pull some trim pieces and the vents above the headunit. take your time and use some nylon pry tools or tape covered screw drivers. i did it all in a few hours and had never done anything in a lexus before. someone created a diy post with pics either on this site or club lexus. do a search.

my dealer also wanted a lot of money and that's after they swore i couldn't get sat radio at all and i had to prove them wrong. i have owned a lot of vehicles in the past few years and have found most dealers don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. and i don't let anyone touch my vehicles unless it's the only choice.
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Congrats on the install. Just be careful, becuase if you damage anything or break anything, your asking for trouble. Replacement parts aren't cheap, and there is no warranty on it when you pry on things and suddenly something doesn't work, or you pinch a wire...

When a dealer installs it for you, they fix any issues, you install it, you fix your issues...
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