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WTB: NorCal, 2011 Lexus ISF

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I started looking around for my car. Here's what I'm interested in:

2011 and higher Ultrasonic Blue ISF

* I am entertaining the idea of a white or black car now, since the blue is impossible to find.

The reason is the revised suspension, interior and a few other changes that were made to the car that year.

Mileage: Under 25,000 preferred, and in excellent condition in and out.

Interior: Black

Options: NAV + ML Stereo. I don't really care too much for the radar guided cruise control, and don't need the auto-park feature.

* I prefer a non-modified vehicle, if any parts are modified I would like to have the factory parts to go with the car. (I'm not interested in an aftermarket exhaust or headers). Stock wheels are preferred as well, stock suspension etc etc.

* I prefer an adult owned vehicle that was not smoked in.

* I will be asking for maintenance records, etc, and for a complete inspection, if I decide to move on the car.

I'm in NorCal, preference will be given to CA vehicles, but I'm open to offers from nearby States. (WA, OR, NV, AZ)

P.S: I'm NOT interested in an IS350-F or anything else, please don't waste my time or yours.
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Anyone??? I have the finances dialed in, just need to find the right car.
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