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WTB: IS-F Calipers and a Set of Rims and left taillight

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Hey guys whats up, Im new here, just got an IS-F from a local dealership. The guy bought it for his son, who wrecked it. I figured id jump on it because Id save some cash in the long run over buying a brand new one, so I got it. Has a few dents all around but nothing big/no major repairs needed. He drove intoa d itch so he just scraped the left side. I need a left taillight, and a set of wheels ( he took his off and sold his oems). The cars sitting on blocks right now in my garage haha.

Also, someone stole the calipers off the car while it sat at their shop.
I located some rears, I just need the fronts.
Oh, and I might need the front rotors.
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Raybestos sells the EXACT same front rotor for about a buck fifty ea. Good luck.
Good luck getting that thing back together. Are you planning on getting the body work done too?
I have a set of ISF front Brembo's for sale... asking $2300
Sorry guys been extremely busy and wasnt able to get on ehre.
Car is almost complete, except for front calipers! I still need them badly.
Robs, I sent you a pm.
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