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Wtb 08 Isf

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Black, White, or Blue.

Low Miles
No Mods
No Accidents

I am a cash buyer, so email me if you have an 08 ISF for sale. I am interested! :D

[email protected]
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Does anyone know of anyone selling an 08 ISF?
Have you checked auto trader or your local Lexus dealer's pre owned lot? I think that's your best bet.
Where are you located, There's a few F's at the dealer i work at.
Hey, I just e-mailed you. I am selling my black '08 ISF. It meets all your requirements -- 14,250 miles, no mods (except window tint, clear bra and LoJack) and no accidents -- so let me know if you are game.

Check out my post:

I can be reached at [email protected].
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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