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WOW! What a Car.

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I went to my local Lexus dealship in Dallas TX on Friday afternoon to test drive the IS F. I had no intention of bringing home a new car, but I'm sure you can all guess how this story ends...4 hours later I had a silver on black IS F in the driveway. This car is just amazing; hands down the most versitle car I have ever owned. One one hand absolutely exhilirating, on the other she behaves taking the kids to swim lessons. Unreal. Again, I'm sure I am preaching to the choir with this forum, but I wanted to vocalize how impressed I am thus far. I look forward to learning more about the "ends and outs" of things as time goes on. Happy Driving!
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Congrats on the car and welcome to the site. Like I mentioned in previous posts all one has to do is drive the Beast and they're hooked!
Congrats on the purchase!! :D Welcome to the site!! :cool:

What dealership in Dallas did you purchase the "F" at? I got mine at Park Place Plano :)
I bought it at Sewell Lexus in Dallas...great buying experience. I bought a Merc from Park Place in Dallas and they have a pretty impressive spot as well.
Congrats, and welcome to the forum!
Yes, the IS F is a fantastic car. 3600 rpm is the key to :D.
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