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That is crazy. Eerily perhaps, I had a similar occurrence several years ago. I was about to cross an overpass on the interstate to turn south on the other side when this d!ck turns in front of me to access the north on ramp. I swerved right to avoid him and went down a steep embankment (dodging trees!) and ended up shooting out onto the northbound lane of the interstate. Luckily no one nailed me. I turned north to catch up with this guy - no way I was going to let me get away. I was in a Toyota Celica GTS and he was in a POS chevy cavalier. I pulled up along side of him and he wouldn't pull over - he knew I was the car he had run off the road. My wife got his plate and we called the state police. The next day we got a call from the cops and they said the guy would meet with us at the station. Turns out he was an army soldier (enlisted). I was on active duty AF at the time, rank Lt Col. The guy sh!t his pants when I walked in in uniform. Anyway, he ended up paying for a 4-wheel alignment for me and the state police gave him a warning. Bizarre. Hope you catch this dude that rear-ended you.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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