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Worst Saturday Night - Chasing a Hit & Run

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Alright so my Saturday night was going ****ty already from earlier issues...

I'm going to Havana Club in Atlanta to pick up some drunkards. While waiting for them to come out I'm in the pick lane chatting with my friend that's an APD and running security that night.

Then all of a sudden I get hit from the rear... Hard! I look in my rear view and the truck that hits me is cutting across the lanes trying to flee. So I'm thinking to myself "Oh hell no, this just didn't happen!" My friend tells me to go get him!

I start chasing him down Piedmont Rd and this guy was trying hard to get away from me. Thinking he could out run my car with a Dodge Ram was a mistake. While I'm chasing him I have my friend on the car phone telling him where we going from road to road. This guy was taking turns at high speeds like a retard.

I finally pass him and get in front of him and slam my brakes to get him to stop and it works! So we are now stopped at the Lindberg Marta Station. I get out of my car and he then gets out of his.

He said he gives up and he can't get away from me and acts like he didn't know he hit me. The driver then confesses that its a company truck, has no insurance, and has weed in the truck. He begs me not to call the cops, but its obviously too late. I just agree with him and say, "Yeah that's fine, I'm just on the phone with my friend so he can come here'. He hears my friends radio in the background and knew he was an officer.

The driver then jumps back into his truck and pulls away and starts fleeing again!! So now I'm super pissed!! I start chasing him down again. This time he screws up and gets back on the main road (Piedmont Rd) and passes a police car (APD). The officer was looking for us and he then turns on his lights and chases after the truck.

Now its, the officer chasing the truck and me chasing the officer. Finally the truck plays another dumb move trying to outrun us in a neighborhood and taking some very "bad" turns. I had to keep my distance from the police car so after a distance I see the truck and police car pulled over.

I hear the officer telling him to get out of the car and get on the ground. Instead the guy bails out and runs from the officer in the woods. The officer couldn't chase him down, but the driver left his keys and truck there.

So the truck is leased, but I haven't been able to find out anymore information on it. I just finished filing my insurance claim.

But I'm super PISSED! The rear bumper is totally messed up and shoved in towards the trunk. He hit me hard enough to pop out parking sensors and the square pieces of plastic. Also the rear drivers side quarter panel is a little bent. :cry:

Special Thanks for Dan @ ZenMotors... He actually picked up the phone at 4am to listen to me ***** about what happened!! Plus helped me setup an appointment with a BodyShop Sunday morning. I was surprised because, I don't anyone with that kind of attention for his customers! That's another one of the many satisfactions in my book for ZenMotors!

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WTF Bro!! It's like something out of COPS!!:mad:
Wow, that's pretty wild. I don't blame you for going after this dude. Hopefully it's just the bumper and you can get the suspect's company to pay for the damages. The suspect does not sound very smart, fleeing the second time, no insurance and having weed but maybe that will teach him something.

I myself ended up calling in a drunk driver going the wrong way.....luckily he didn't hit anyone.
Wow thats a crazy story. Reading this gets me steaming. Did they ever find him?
Yea, keep us updated!
That is crazy. Eerily perhaps, I had a similar occurrence several years ago. I was about to cross an overpass on the interstate to turn south on the other side when this d!ck turns in front of me to access the north on ramp. I swerved right to avoid him and went down a steep embankment (dodging trees!) and ended up shooting out onto the northbound lane of the interstate. Luckily no one nailed me. I turned north to catch up with this guy - no way I was going to let me get away. I was in a Toyota Celica GTS and he was in a POS chevy cavalier. I pulled up along side of him and he wouldn't pull over - he knew I was the car he had run off the road. My wife got his plate and we called the state police. The next day we got a call from the cops and they said the guy would meet with us at the station. Turns out he was an army soldier (enlisted). I was on active duty AF at the time, rank Lt Col. The guy sh!t his pants when I walked in in uniform. Anyway, he ended up paying for a 4-wheel alignment for me and the state police gave him a warning. Bizarre. Hope you catch this dude that rear-ended you.
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oh oooo........seems like your satuday turned out faced a big headache problem that day!!!
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