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Wooo, Gs-f?

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:D Finally after this post I become a Senior Member!!! :D

Actually the point of this post is the put up a picture I found of the supposed GS-F... I haven't found this picture on the forums so without further a due...

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Interesting, haven't seen a pic like that of the GS-F before (seen other sketches but nothing official). It just looks like they copied everything from the IS-F and put it on a GS body....not sure how I feel about it or whether or not I like it
Agreed. I would like to see 20" wheels on the GS F but I would have expected the front end styling on the GS to be something other than a carbon copy of the IS F styling.

If it didn't look like it was out of a magazine I would say it was a photochop.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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