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Wish I had Done This With Previous Cars

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I'll keep this short......

Prospecting 2011s.

Tried to search for a thread like this, but to no avail.

My current car had "hiccups" that were know to EVERYONE on the forums, but when researching the car, they did not pop up.

So I'm jumping on the wealth of knowlage that I'm sure exist on this forum....

Are there any "IS-F isms" that I should be on the lookout for while shopping for a 2011 with around 20k miles?

You guys/ gals have any suggestions on what I should have my microscope for?

Hopefully y'all say "nothing." But I would have a list for anyone looking to buy a used 370Z.... perhaps a full book.

Thanks in advance.

If there is already a thread you know of that exist on a topic like this, please place the link below. I certainly don't want my first (hopefully of many) post to p*ss you all off :)
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