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I have a complete winter setup for an IS350, they came off my 2006 IS350.
I know now isnt the time of year to sell them, but I need them out of my garage. They are ASA-AR1's I believe. With Blizzaks. Staggered setup to match the summer setup. I paid $1200 new, and will give them away for $650.
come get them out of my garage. I am in PA, Valley Forge area, not interested in shipping. I will be asking $900 come Sep,Oct. So come get a deal now.
PM me for pictures.

Correction, they are not ASA-AR1s, they are ASA JH3s, NO TPMS, I just ignored it. $300 for sensors, ummm no thanks.
Blizzak LM-25s

Wheel Automotive tire Tire Tread Hubcap

Here they are on my car.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting
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