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Will the joe z exhaust void warranty?

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Hi guys I’m new to the forum just traded in my is 250 for a 2008 is-f. My question is will the k&n intake or joe z pipe and joe-z exhaust void out my warrenty? I would hate to get these items and than find out that it will affect my warranty. Thanks for any help!

And I love my new is-f I picked it over a 2008 z06, although the z06 had way more power I just could not get away from how well the f was designed inside and out just a beautiful car all the way around!!!
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here is the answer, no they can't void ur warranty unless they can prove that the mod actually caused the problem. so lets say u got a joe z exhaust but ur suspension breaks. they can't void ur warranty.

basically everything on ur car is covered except the part u modded.
Depending on the dealer, some may refuse to work on your car due to modified/aftermarket parts. Just ask around before you take your car in.
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