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Will be doing some track time in a bit -- questions regarding Dynolicious settings...

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Hey all:

I am planning to take the IS F to the track soon, and am setting up my Dynolicious app on my iPod Touch. I read in some other posts that 3,780 is the correct weight (I assume I add passenger(s) weight on top of that to get the most accurate results), but what should I be using for drivetrain loss?

Average is 20%, I know, but what is the exact value for the IS F?
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I believe its 16 percent if the car makes 416 hp on 91 at the crank and 350 at the wheels. If it makes 416 on 93 at the crank and 370 at the wheels then its 11 percent. 11 seems really low so i'm going to go with 16. The driveline is pretty good in the F stock :D.
I have pocket dyno on the iphone and its crap. If this app actually works let me know.

I don't know what any of that means, but what I take from it is 16%, so that's what I will go with.

I will post back my thoughts after the event.
The 91 and 93 are the octane of the gas being used. There are plenty of dyno sheets showing that on 91 the F makes around 350 at the wheels and on 93 it makes about 370 at the wheels. The factory hp rating is 416 at the crank. I don;t know if that is on 91 or 93 pump gas. Does it make sense now?
best to weigh your car with you in it, full tank of gas....and subtract roughly 15lbs for every 1/8th tank you use up......

mine, with me in it, half tank of gas, and no spare tire was 3840lbs
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