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lol, that is hilarious, I had the same discussion and she said yes too. Only difference was mine was a bit more lenient and said it has to be 4 years :D:D:D.... Truth be told i imagined getting bored after 2 years but at this rate i'll be sad to give it up in 35 months :(..... Enjoy my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there!!

I do not have an IS-F yet but I will be an owner soon! To all the married guys out there, am sure most of you had to seek conjugal approval first to buy such a car. I did and wifey said yes!!!
The only trade off is that I have to own the car for more than 5 years as I have a penchant for losing interest and changing toys after only a couple of years.:p
I am glad I found this site and looking forward to contribute..:)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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