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I have actually been shown the 2009 Ultrasonic blue and the 2010 starfire pearl ( I remember it having a different style rims than the blue one) at Wayzata. I am still debating if I am getting a brand new one or slightly used unit. Am actually driving to cheesehead country and Chicago this weekend to look at possibilities. Its weird that Minnesota does not have used units for sale and Wisconsin have them in numbers.
This is correct they changed the rims for the 2010's.

I had the same wife conversation when we purchased our second F. I actually went to the dealership intending on buying an IS 250 AWD or a GS. We saw a Lexus owned 08 IS-F in Black and decided to ask a bit more about it. We went back a few days later figuring the 08 was a left over and come to find out it was used with 6000 miles on it. Fortunately there was a brand new 2010 Red IS-F in the showroom to make the long story short we ended up with the 2010. My wife wanted an F because of the way it handles and the fact that it can move out of it's own way unlike her previous car. I have a feeling if you can get your wife in the car for a test drive it won't be so hard for her to say yes. What's the worst that can happen she says no again?
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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