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Widest I can go

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I'm thinking of getting some Forged Rims (20s), but I was thinking I want to go wider than stock.

What's the widest I can go with Tires and Rims without worrying about any rubbing.

I saw the Twin Turbo IS-F from Fox Marketing had 20x11.5 would I actually be able to go that wide without rubbing issues?

Also if I get them I was thinking of purchasing the Eibach Springs, which lower the car 0.7" in the front and 0.3" in the back...
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the fox marketing is f has flared rear fenders which allow it to have a much, much wider rear wheel.

depending on the offset, you could probably fit a nice 20x10 in the back?
I want to be able to be at atleast 20x10.5

anyone know what offset i would need?
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