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Why just 3 interior colors?

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Man...I gotta vent here..... I occasionally jump on the M3 forum to see the posts.
Can someone tell me why the hell Lexus only has a choice of 3 interior colors?
If I'm correct, the M models have like what... 8 choices.? I mean would it kill Lexus USA to offer I don't know ..maybe RED..or GREY..or dare I ask maybe a SADDLE for an interior..Good gosh almighty it pisses me off....Heck even the terra cotta covers about 1/3 of the seats. It's almost as if Lexus is saying "alright alright...we'll give you an option of terra cotta...BUT ONLY THE BOLSTERS" Yeah..we don't want to upset the cart now would we.......
What the @@@@????.
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I think the black with blue hue & stitching fits the ISF the best. White/Black leather is nice but for longevity reasons, the black interior is best.
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