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White ISF Lease Takeover

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I have a white ISF that I am looking to get rid of. The lease 3 years 12k miles per year. Great Shape. Joe Z exhaust.

I love the car just looking for a change.

Payments are $954 a month and I would be willing to give $10,000 cash as a bonus to take over.

Let me know is anyone is interested.
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Whats your location, mileage of the car etc? pics?
The location is San Diego.

Currently there is 8500 miles. I dont have any pics handy at the moment but its in great shape. There is 2 small scuffs from a rock or some other road debris. You cant see it unless you know its there. Interior is perfect.
Forgot to mention it is fully loaded with tint all the way around.
how much is left on the lease in terms of months?
I'm just curious is there a penalty for modifying a lease vehicle? That's if the dealership finds out right?
There is 30 months on the lease left.

Im not 100% sure what the penalty's are... If you put everything back to stock before you return there shouldnt be any.
PM me on details of transfering the lease, how much is the transfer?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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