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White interior?

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Hey guys i dont have an ISF or anything but i am in love with the car. I was just curious if anyone got the white/black interior and if it gets dirty easily?
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Very hard to keep clean!!! If you were alot of Blue jeans, your seats will have have bleu in them too !! They look great, but not easy to keep clean.
someone told me that you could get like a clear film or something and put it on the seats but i wasnt sure if it was noticable or not?
Clear film reminds me of the 60's and 70's when people had clear covers on their sofa's !!!
oh so you cant put a film on it.dang! i thought that it looked really good with the white interior! you work at the lexus dealership right? so if you get the leather care packet would they be able to clean it?
i went to a dealer around here, in california and they told me they dont offer is-f in white interior due to bleeding issues.
Could you elaborate on "bleeding issues"? I do not quite understand.
Meaning if you wear blue jeans, it could rub on......
Thanks! Is there any way to prevent it?
That is exactly why I went with the Black interior.

Ordered the White interior originally and thought better.

Also, as far as the rear seats White/Black, that combo does not look good IMO
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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