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Which oil brand and or grades do you guys put in the F??

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Hi all!! I'm about to change my oil myself but still deciding which brand oil to use and which grade oil besides 5-20w.
I guess we all have to use factory oil filter(cartridge style).
Please give tips.:)
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I just got my oil change at a local shop owned and operated by a ex-Lexus/Toyota mechanic and they use Kendall GT-1 Synthetic blend. I was a bit skeptical with this "no name" brand because I used Mobil1 exclusively in all my previous cars. Did some research and found that the differences between oils is not going huge if you change it everything 5,000 miles. Yes, Mobil1 will be outlast conventional oils or syn blends but again the difference comes at around 10,000 or 15,000 miles which is a moot point for a 5,000 miles oci. Cost me $30 for the oil change. I may switch back to synethic for the winter months because they do flow better at start up at sub-zero temperature, the one area where syns really shine. I know a military engineer and he says they switch to synethic oil for all their tanks and vehicles operating in Alaska during the winter months.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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