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Which oil brand and or grades do you guys put in the F??

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Hi all!! I'm about to change my oil myself but still deciding which brand oil to use and which grade oil besides 5-20w.
I guess we all have to use factory oil filter(cartridge style).
Please give tips.:)
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I like castrol EDGE 5w-30 personally. I just go to autozone and buy the filter they usually have one in stock for me.
Mobil 1 synthetic here. I get the filter at the local autoparts as well.
Pennzoil Ultra, 10w-30 - It's hot in AZ:eek:

Mobile 1 Synthetic 5w-30, Fram cartridge filter.
Amsoil Signature Series 0w-30 and a TRD Synthetic Oil Filter.
Mobile 1 Synthetic 5w-30
ive read it out preforms every other synthetic in tests
apparently dosnt beat royal purple by much
so ive read
Mobil 1 , Syntethic 10W 30 - in Panama City Panama is very hot too! :eek:
original Lexus oil filter
9 oil quarters
every 3,000 miles :cool:
Mobil 1 , Syntethic 5W 30 - I just switched to this about 3k miles far it feels great.
Thanx guys!! Great info from all of you!! I decided to go with mobile 1 syntethic 5w-30. I guess i have to buy a bigger drain pan!!:rolleyes:
Eneos 5w30 Synthetic. If I cannot find Eneos, Mobil 1 5w30 is the substitute.
Mobil 1 5w30 for sure! I actually picked some up yesterday. Seen some chemical breakdown sheets of different oils used in the F and Mobil 1 definitely works the best. It is right up there with Royal Purple but is quite a bit cheaper.
I just got my oil change at a local shop owned and operated by a ex-Lexus/Toyota mechanic and they use Kendall GT-1 Synthetic blend. I was a bit skeptical with this "no name" brand because I used Mobil1 exclusively in all my previous cars. Did some research and found that the differences between oils is not going huge if you change it everything 5,000 miles. Yes, Mobil1 will be outlast conventional oils or syn blends but again the difference comes at around 10,000 or 15,000 miles which is a moot point for a 5,000 miles oci. Cost me $30 for the oil change. I may switch back to synethic for the winter months because they do flow better at start up at sub-zero temperature, the one area where syns really shine. I know a military engineer and he says they switch to synethic oil for all their tanks and vehicles operating in Alaska during the winter months.
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If you want to buy Mobil 1 5W 30 oil cheap, go to Walmart. You can get the 5quart bottle for $23. You will need 2 since the F takes 10 quarts and the filter is around $6-7. For less than $60 for a synthetic change on the F with Mobil 1 is a steal. Better than $150 at the dealer or an outside oil change shop.
I use Pennzoil dyno oil on my other cars. Or Pennzoil Platinum (synthetic). They have a higher synthetic that just came out and I want to try that out as well. I also use Mobil 1 on the 2008 RX400h and xB my mom and brother have.
I just bought brand new 2010 IS F and i would like to know at what miles i should switch to mobil 1?
I would break it in with one regular oil change first to get everything to seat. You might as well wait until after your second oil change which is the free 6 month/5000 mile change from the dealer than do the synthetic. No sense in wasting money on an oil change when you can get one for free from the dealer. One change with regular oil is not going to make your F last any shorter or give you that much noticeable power increases. Do the factory oil 6 months/5000 miles, then have the dealer change it and do another 6 months/ 5000 miles on regular oil, then at 10,000 miles or after one year if you don't put that many miles on per year put in the synthetic. I use synthetic Mobil 1 and since I put less than 5k on a year, I change it once a year. Every 6 months seem like a waste when you are putting only 2k miles a year on synthetic oil.
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