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Hi guys.
*I wish to get some info and feedback from you guys regarding which LSD to run in my 08 ISF ,*

I've contemplated fitting a 2010 diff assy to it so I could have the factory diff and that Factory Lexus smoothness , but at almost double what you can buy just the centre from VIP auto salon , I think they hav a few options available..*

What I'm after is a diff that is smooth in engagement, almost to the point that it feels like it factory ... Is that possible?
That doesn't chatter, or one I need to change the oil in every *other week.*
I was looking at the TOMS diff centre? Is this the one to buy? Or is there a better diff out there better suited..?
Keeping in mind that sometimes my girl drives the car.. And that I do plan to track it about 2-3 times a year..

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