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Which intake and exhaust?

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Just trying to figure out the best intake and exhaust would be best for my IS-F without voiding the warranty. Also if anyone has a controller what brand is better IYO. Thanks.
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I have been reading other post and it seems like the JoeZ combo would be the best...but does any mods void the warranty?
Warranty doesn't become void for the whole car, only for the part you're replacing. If the aftermarket part is proven to have damaged another component of the car, then yes, the warranty on that damaged component would be void.

In the case of intake and exhaust, that's highly unlikely unless you damage something during install. No one has had any warranty issues with replacing. I myself have the Joe Z combo and did the install myself. I've brought my car in to the dealership for warranty issues and oil changes and an alignment and have had no questions asked.
That's part of the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, correct?
That's part of the Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act, correct?
That's correct.
What's your definition of "best"? Best performance gains for the money? Best sound?

For intakes, it's mostly just a sound thing. The K&N Typhoon intake is comically loud at WOT. But mostly normal when just driving around. So I absolutely love it.

The JoeZ intake is just a smoothed out intake tube. To me that's not worth any effort since you still have the stock airbox and stock filter. Either stay stock or add just a different air filter, or go short-ram.

Exhausts...the ISS has the dif exhaust tips and sounds awesome. The Joez/PTS has the deepest/best sound.
Thx , guys. Any input on best place to purchase
If you're interested in a K&N Intake with about 10k miles I have one with all the parts, paperwork and original box. I sold my ISF, and havent posted this up for sale yet.
$220 shipped

I can send pictures to your email if you're interested.
As far as rep/seller feedback, you can find me on my.IS and ClubLexus as a supporting vendor/parts consultant for Lexus Westminster.

It's best to reach me at my email

[email protected]
Dont forget the Takeda intake keeps most of the factory box and sounds great.
+1 for takeda.

Looks the nuts. Sounds amazing and is a sealed unit.

I think you should try out the Vineo as well. I have one installed on my ride for quite a long time and it has proved to be a great companion, working along for years.
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