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When are Mods Going to Come Out???

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Damn, seems like its been forever since SEMA ended and still, no word of any performance mods for the F. Went back to Borla, Greddy, K&N and a whole slew of others websites and still coming up empty. I wish they would start coming out with some because I'm dying to see whats out there so I can start tuning my car.... DOH!
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Other then the stuff already out on the market (Joe Z, SRT, Lexon (for cosmetic)) nothing has really come out. JIC has come out with an adjustable coilover set for the F though, it looks bada** :) The Joe Z stuff is awesome, really well made, etc. I placed an order for his intake tube in blue the other day, due out in the middle of december :cool:

Guess we should just keep waiting. Those companies are doing more R&D. There is also a company that can supposedly crack the Toyota ECU for the F that is supposed to be testing it on a members F (from clublexus) for free to show us the ability the car has :cool:
They're coming, give it some time, especially with the status of our economy. It's gonna be a bumpy road.
^^forgot to mention that last night, its tough times right now
exactly like mike said given the state of the economy and that the F is a new attempt from lexus it will take time. BTW Mike I place an order for the JoeZ exhaust.
BigMike who did u order the JoeZ intake pipe through? I checked with Carson Toyota and they don't yet have the part. Thanks.
I got the inside connection....

Welcome to the site!! Did you purchase and F? :)

Check your PM, I don't think they're venders here :)
I have actullay had my ISF since last February and now have over 15K on it. I am a devote Lexus enthusiast having owned a 2000 GS400 and a 2006 GS430. My first car was a 1978 Toyota Celica which I transformed into quite a autocrosser. I will test the age of the group with this next comment. I was running a Twincam 18RG motor in the my celica. This motor was never sent to the US in a production car but was stock in Japan mounted in the Celica counterpart called a 2000 GT. We were able to buy these crate motors from the wrecking yard for around $500 and in one Saturday afternoon you could transform your anemic 20R with 98 HP into a 165 HP motor coach.
Some of you that's asking about the ISF mods, why not just enjoy the car for the time being..It's freakin fast as is..I mean it will be out soon or later..
As Andy indicated, this was way before, he actually had a thread on it saying put your money where the mouth is..
The car is almost too fast for me to drive without getting into major trouble as is. For the first round I will focus on cosmetic and suspension.
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