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hey guys,do you guys think these will fit? just looking for a cheap rim that looks cool. the lexus isf is my daily driver. like car washes and rock chips and stuff like that. i love my isf to death. look at these rims and tell me wut you think........ they are the XXR926 or the XXR522.

now the 926 will be 19x8.5+35mm offset front and 19x9.5+35mm rear and in i think gold i think it would be cool...
and the 522 will be 19x8.5+38mm offsett and 19x10+42mm rear in the black chrome i dont no wut offset to get if you guys could help me
and my cars white
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You would need a 19x8.5 +35 in the front and 19x9.5 +45 in the rear to not rub at all. I was looking into XXR wheels as well until I found out that they are heavier than the stock OEM rims! :(
i had xxrs on my IS300 when I traded it for the F. nice wheels and i have been looking for another brand that looks like this one as xxrs dont have the size range i want for the F. if anyone knows of a wheel in this style that I could look into let me know.


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Yea thanks guys. Im looking for something cheap u no?
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