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Wheel Pitting?

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What exactly is wheel pitting guys? im getting many different definition on what it is, so im not really sure about what it is please let me know. if pictures are possible please show
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It was described on a previous thread as rusting or staining of the finish, but no pics were shown. I would like to see also because I don't have that problem.
i supposed not, but it seems like these black dark spots on the corners of the spokes of the rims but im not sure if thats it but its really difficult to remove
I had those dark spots, but I was able to take it off, with a little elbow grease of course. I just used a regular wheel cleaner. Sprayed it, let it sit for 30 seconds, and then used a brush to scrubbing. I get rid of those dark spots right away in fear that might stay permanent if neglected for a long time.
and then used a brush to scrubbing.
Say it isn't so. You used a brush to scrub your wheels:confused:

I actually do, but it's not a like a steel brush that would destroy the finish. It's a soft brush with plastic bristles, similar to those you use for electronic equipment and the like.
yeah there are special little detailing brushes that they sell doesn't scratch your rims.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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