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what's the most stupid question you have been asked about your F?

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I'll start

I got my car detailed and a guy with an m6 asked: "does that car still come with a subaru sti motor like the is350?"

I simply laughed and told him neither models have a subaru motor.
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I get a lot of annoying questions like:

1. Is it Fast? WTF am i supposed to answer to that? no it's slow as hell!
2. How much do you pay for that thing? That's just rude

and my all time favorite comment: Driving in my street and a neighbor runs out and waves me down, she says slow down!!!!!!! I tell her im not going that fast it's just the car makes noise, and she looks at me and says "that's a toyota, don't flatter yourself? lol ahahahha i laughed in her face for a while!!!!!!!
Is that for real???? I've heard this so many times but i'm very skeptical of this...

haha, boosted cars are very fast nowadays. just look at the bmw 335,, put a $600 juicebox stage3 chip in it and its basically neck to neck with our IsF.
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