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what's the most stupid question you have been asked about your F?

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I'll start

I got my car detailed and a guy with an m6 asked: "does that car still come with a subaru sti motor like the is350?"

I simply laughed and told him neither models have a subaru motor.
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I don't get asked anything as no one knows what it is. And I learned the hard way on a tuned WRX STI. Damn those things are hella quick. All I can say is I kept up :(
What were they driving?????
That's ok though, anybody who really knows cars knows what it is.

You said a mouthfull, its so funny to listen to folks and they have no clue what it is. Its the biggest reason to buy I take that back, the BEEP is. ;)
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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