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what's the most stupid question you have been asked about your F?

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I'll start

I got my car detailed and a guy with an m6 asked: "does that car still come with a subaru sti motor like the is350?"

I simply laughed and told him neither models have a subaru motor.
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You should put a nice set of rims on this car, like some BBS....
haha, boosted cars are very fast nowadays. just look at the bmw 335,, put a $600 juicebox stage3 chip in it and its basically neck to neck with our IsF.
Yeah that's for real...although, a 335 owner would need to spend a lot more than 600 bucks in additional upgrades to make his 335 run reliably for any period of time when tuned this way.
haha, its really a hit or miss thing, I've heard some are pretty reliable, but then there are some that break for no reason. My buddy had a $200 used stage 2 juicebox that ran neck to neck with my G37 but it blew his twin turbo within 6500 miles. after he got 2 new turbo warrantied from the dealer, he ordered a $600 stage 3 chip cause he saw me trading in my G37 for the IsF. He has 13,000 miles on his 335 now and seems ok for now, no problem yet..
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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