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what's the most stupid question you have been asked about your F?

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I'll start

I got my car detailed and a guy with an m6 asked: "does that car still come with a subaru sti motor like the is350?"

I simply laughed and told him neither models have a subaru motor.
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Is that for real???? I've heard this so many times but i'm very skeptical of this...
Yeah that's for real...although, a 335 owner would need to spend a lot more than 600 bucks in additional upgrades to make his 335 run reliably for any period of time when tuned this way.
I am so tired of hearing about how much horsepower a mustang has and how fast it does the 1/4 mile. I bought a F because its luxury inside, its fast in the turns, it looks great, and its rare. I sell Fords and have driven the Shelby Snakes. If you only enjoy straight lines buy a Ford. If you enjoy touring at high rates of speed on mountain roads, and turning heads of women that do not smell like meth or gas, buy a LEXUS IS F.

Pretty much says it all. Having a complete package is what the ISF is all about. Obviously, if all I wanted was speed, I could buy a cheap pony car, strip the insides, and drop in a crate motor angrier than Taylor Swift should be with Kanye West...which, I am planning on doing in a couple years for weekend car.
haha, its really a hit or miss thing, I've heard some are pretty reliable, but then there are some that break for no reason. My buddy had a $200 used stage 2 juicebox that ran neck to neck with my G37 but it blew his twin turbo within 6500 miles. after he got 2 new turbo warrantied from the dealer, he ordered a $600 stage 3 chip cause he saw me trading in my G37 for the IsF. He has 13,000 miles on his 335 now and seems ok for now, no problem yet..
The 335 is a great car. I wanted to buy one before looking at the ISF. My wife was interested too until she sat in the 335i...she hated the interior.

The 335 is tuned fairly conservatively from the factory. The good tuners out there are increasing the boost in the low/medium revs and dropping it back down near redline. That is how Dinan is tuning them.

I personally wouldn't be comfortable in just buying just the ECU tune for the 335. To really boost the 335i, you really need to upgrade the intercooler and oil cooler.
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