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whats the best prices on the is-f for the new year?

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what are the best prices you guys have been getting for the is-f?


sorry guys what i meant to say was -

Whats the lowest price everyone is getting around where they are?
either 08 or 09 but most likely only an 08 ISF will be a deal.
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They only scaled it down by 25 cars total. Considering overall Lexus sales are down 41.6% for the 2009 year and 36.1% for the IS model itself id say that scaled down production isnt going to matter and there will actually be more 2009 models sitting around waiting.
I might consider another one if the prices ever get to where i feel the car is worth it. Used ones are selling for more then what you can buy a new one for thats kinda sad people are that upside down in these cars. That says more to me then performance numbers.
Most i would pay new for one right now is $45K (which can be done if you look enough) most i would pay used is $40K which doesnt seem to be able to be done right now. Cheapest used ive seen lately is $48K.
good info.

the prior guy is a dealer and hence i would expect for him to push sales for the dealerships. ill keep this post till dec and see if what he says will hold. if it doesnt then it will be proof that dealerships are always pushing higher number to unknowledged consumers.
Hes actually a pretty straight forward guy I talked to him on the phone when we were looking for my wifes First IS-F and he shot me a price i think of $47,200 if i remember right. The only reason we didn't buy it from him was the dealer in Dallas matched it and for me its 2 hours to Dallas vs 2.5 days back and forth to Chicago. The sales and production numbers are public info so you can find it all over the place if you search for it.

I got my brother-in-law into a new IS250 this morning for $30K OTD only thing it didnt have was Navigation. Its basically just a matter of doing your homework before you fly into a dealership and try to buy a car. I gave him the info he needed and the dealer did it. The salesman said he was surprised cause 2 days ago someone else tried to buy the exact same car and his boss wouldn't go $1 below $32,600

The main thing to remember is do your homework up and down and 50 different ways. Talk to no less the 5 dealers even more if your really going for the deal. Last but not least dont ever ever think you are getting over on the dealer. Its just like Vegas they are still making their money on you. they are a business so they have to and you cant fault them for that you just have to play the game of Not let me try and beat the dealer but how much can i limit my ass kicking from the dealer. You do it that way and you will always walk away with a better deal then the average joe but they dealer always wins. ALWAYS.
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