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whats the best prices on the is-f for the new year?

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what are the best prices you guys have been getting for the is-f?


sorry guys what i meant to say was -

Whats the lowest price everyone is getting around where they are?
either 08 or 09 but most likely only an 08 ISF will be a deal.
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^ I wouldn't hold my breathe waiting... Lexus scaled down production on the 2009's so they would not have to worry about trying to sell them off like the 2008's.

Andy, wasn't the above more a function of slow sales and poor economy than of worrying about the 09s being sold off like the 08s? Its like what came first, the chicken or the egg? Slow sales = lower sales prices or lower production due to slow sales and keep prices (demand) elevated??? In addition, now that the 10s are right around the corner and the Torsen Ltd Slip and some other goodies are added (as well as $1000 to the MSRP), the 09s should be dropping quite a bit too. Awesome car, BUT I don't believe it was the sales hit that Lexus had intended to get people into the showroom and buy it or other Lexus products? Does Lexus Mgmt care? Sure they do, they have a lot of money wrapped up in the development of the car (we were told so at the IsF event last summer 2008 in Joliet) . We all shouldn't feel bad, the NEW M3 has not been a runaway hit for BMW as well.

it is my belief that the new Torsen will make quite a few of us want the 10 model, particularly if it cannot be adapted to the 08-09 models for whatever reason (ECU tune, mechanical??) Thus, more the reason the 09s will really drop due to demand (or lack thereof).

Chicago IL
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