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whats the best prices on the is-f for the new year?

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what are the best prices you guys have been getting for the is-f?


sorry guys what i meant to say was -

Whats the lowest price everyone is getting around where they are?
either 08 or 09 but most likely only an 08 ISF will be a deal.
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I got my brother-in-law into a new IS250 this morning for $30K OTD only thing it didnt have was Navigation. Its basically just a matter of doing your homework before you fly into a dealership and try to buy a car. I gave him the info he needed and the dealer did it. The salesman said he was surprised cause 2 days ago someone else tried to buy the exact same car and his boss wouldn't go $1 below $32,600
$30k otd for a new is250? kinda hard to believe, unless its a leftover 08 without awd and manual trans. More details please!!!
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