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What's Better Lexus or BMW?

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BMW is just a car by its name and performance, it rides shity as hell you can feel every bumb (dont lie) and reliability sux and more of the interior is bullshit. Lexus on the other hand you actually feel like water when you ride and and it actually has a gps and leather seats, my customers uncle had a BMW with no LEATHER SEATS MaxiSYS MS906? and also lexus is cheaper and you get the same thing you do in a BMW beside the engine but Lexus engine is not bad? So whats better?
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I’d say that’s too vague/broad of a question. Depends on what you are seeking out. Lexus would absolutely be higher in terms of charge both short and long term however aside from that it’s hard to say without understanding what you need. And if you recognize what you want, then you'll recognize which one is better for you. Consider your subjective critiques and weigh them against the goal records.
I like BMW in any way, BMW is my favorite car
My buddy is ordering the new 2021 BMW M4! It really stand out in the Coupe competition this year. We're just finishing the installation of the suspension and black rhino wheels for suvs on the 4Runner and it will be for sale to fund the new M4.
Interesting take but I would say BMW is better.
Ask on the Lexus forum about this? It's just that BMW has a larger model range and you can find a car to your taste. When I was choosing a car for myself, I used vin check to get a car dealer membership
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