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what the F?

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:eek:You wont believe this...The newest need for speed on PS3 doesn't have the IS F!!! what the hell is wrong with these people? i guess i'll use an M3 or GTR SpecV. and if anybody else is addicted to Call of Duty MW2 like its CRACK hit me up on PS3. it's the only way to kill time with a broken Left arm from snowboarding and no work for 3 months. 1.5mo left. i should post up my pix it's an interesting x ray. 12 screws and a plate all the way up my Humerous bone.(thats the elbow up to the shoulder for those of you who didn't know)

PS. Call of Duty is seriously like crack! haha
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going snowboarding for the first time this month....after reading your post i think i'll be staying on the bunny slope
Aside from a motorcycle accident a couple years ago, snowboarding is the only sport where I have been seriously injured. A couple months before I finished college (8 years ago), I was snowboarding and jumped off a small cliff with some speed (about a 20 foot drop). I had hit this particular drop off many times before, but when I landed (in a very steep moguled area) I didn't cushion the impact with my legs enough and ended up kneeing myself in the face with all the downward force. I had a helmet on, but it offered no face protection. I eggshell fractured my right cheekbone, and still have two titanium plates there. I had multiple fractures above my right eye, and broke my nose in 13 separate places (didn't know that was even possible). I also fractured a bone back by my sinus. The surgeon put me back together pretty well, but it took a long time to heal. I still love snowboarding, but don't have much time for it anymore.
So I take it that BaronvdB is still going to be on the bunny slopes then... LOL
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