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I agree with pretty much everything Nightspore said above with a couple of slight differences.

1) Be sure you thoroughly test out the active cruise control. I've read in a lot of reviews (of cars other than the IS-F) that these systems leave too big of a gap so cars just cut in front of you and slow you down. Also, I'm not sure if this system does full braking or not. A lot of systems will slow you down a bit, but in heavy traffic they are pretty much useless. Like Nightspore said, if you do a lot of long distance freeway driving it may be really useful.

2) I like having the parking sensors as an additional backup. However, they do miss a lot of things so you still have to pay attention. For me, I'm always scared I'm going to get too close to parking curb and dork up my airdam. So I always end up parking a foot or two back. It may look dorky, but I'm not willing to risk get any closer.

3) I have the Nav system and wouldn't live without it. As Nightspore says, the Points of Interest are spotty, but I'm directionally challenged so having the moving map there is huge. The backup camera is wonderful too.

3) I have the iPod adapter (VAISTech, not the factory) which will allow satellite and iPod to work together. However, I decided satellite radio wasn't worth the cost. I had XM in my TL and listened to it some. I still found times where I couldn't find anything on that I wanted to listen to, so I switched back to CDs. I'm pretty picky in my listening, though.

4) I really love the iPod adapter as I can bring my entire music collection with me, organize it into playlists, etc. The Nav interface is really nice to be able to browse the iPod, at least when you aren't moving. Once the car is in motion, the controls are locked except for the steering wheel controls and limited selections on the nav (iPod mode and track skip). This lockout can be overcome using a couple of different methods listed in this forum. I haven't done either because it hasn't bothered me enough to shell out the money or start hacking wiring harnesses yet.

Good luck in your decision and feel free to ask questions. People on this site are very knowledgeable and friendly.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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