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Looking to purchase an 09 IS-F soon and usually want the best factory options from the start because many aftermarket options are either lower quality,don't intergrate well or will cost MUCH more if factory options are added later.

Sometimes if options are not opted for at the time of purchase they cannot be added to function as they would later.

Adding ALL the options would solve most of these issues but is there some which are a must and others which are just poor choices because the aftermarket replacement is exceptionally better?

Factory stereo upgrade is a good question,99% of factory stereos even upgraded ones will just never compare to a professional high end install but there is something to say about a factory installed system...clean and warranteed.

As long as the price pays for the increase in quality and has enough value to justify it.

Any insight would be very helpful,much appreciated.


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All VERY excellent responses,i will get the ML/Nav which will come with the BUC?

I really do want to keep everything as factory as possible as my younger days with new cars were filled with changing everything to "something better" which 80% of the time was not better and looked like it was "changed" too.:rolleyes:

Is the I-pod adapter a special order or is that one hit or miss?
Someone did say the smaller items can be easily added later w/o issues which if it keeps me from waiting 3 weeks for a SD GREAT!!

Is black not available? Prolly an off dark color?

I like the look of the two tone Alpine white face and black sides for Leather seat covers over the full black because i have no kids and the white would be spotless,is this as nice in person or is the full black the cats meow?

Does an I-phone work as the i-pod and will the phone work/integrate well?

How does the Blue tooth work,does it stop music and use the cars speakers then return to music when the call terminates?Any major issues or complaints on this?

Now about supply /demand/availability/MSRP vs Invoice other price and any special offers on rebates and or financing? Any insight on this is my real week area ATM.:confused:

I know there was the 1st IS-F in '08' and now in '09',is this correct and was there just the two model year cars or were there several changes between years?

What were the major (if any) changes done in '09' and also the minor changes as well?

Were there any problems which have been fixed or addressed since it's Debut in '08'?

Aftermarket wheels and tires seem to give the best choices for looks and traction and are 99% of the time cheaper if homework is done but again the fit and finish,offsets,wheel size variants,ABS.traction control and such have me wanting to make no mistakes in the quest for "better quality",is their $1900.00 upgraded wheels/tires the best way overall or is there a better choice i could make down the road?

Well Happy Fathers day gentlemen!! Not sure if my first test drive day on fathers day is the best day or not but I'm guessing if any are open i may get the care and dedication i usually demand without ever needing to demand it.:rolleyes:

Again,Thank you all and keep the comments coming guys!!

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Did a ton or reading and have come to the conclusion that even though the ML name has genuine roots in the audiophile book of fame(as does Bose with GM which i have and am not at all impressed)the adapted factory system will look great and sound very good at best at low to mid levels but will fall VERY short in so many other aspects it's silly.

How much will this system save me with the ML/Nav and BU camera?

I have four two channel SONY ES amps(very high end/Low THD) already and was looking at the newest Alpine HD,DVD,Sat,Nav.back up camera,I-Phone,blue-tooth touch screen in dash receiver.

So now in light of not getting the ML/Nav (which is the combo added for the premium IS-F here in Cali.)what other options am i looking at which may be available in stocked cars other than the 19" Forged premium wheel/tire combo(which i still need some input on?

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Well now that i see that there seems to be no easy way to add an aftermarket HU in the same location as the ML, and the lower location seems like a waste i now need to reconsider the factory system.

I somehow got the idea that the factory wheels were a $1900.00 upgraded option.:confused:

So now after looking through nearly 1000 pix which were linked here(very helpful and "Thank you" to who sent them)i went from the darkest exterior color through the idea of both blue and red and settled on the silver but after looking at even more pix the white now is looking like a winner.

That with the AMG alloy wheels would look VERY nice IMO.

The interior color is still up for discussion,all black seem a little dull but the blue stitching would make it fit nicely together,that or the Alpine?:confused:

Any other options or suggestions guys?

What are some opinions on looking into an '08' with a factory warranty to save the big "off the lot" $$'s?

Is the fact that a dealer would be selling it make the savings not offset the fact that it is used?

Would looking for a private party '08' be a better option and does the factory warranty transfer with out any problems?

What is the warranty,i remember comparing the MB and BMW and thought i saw the Lexus had an additional 2 years o the drivetrain and an unlimited corrosion warranty throughout.

Anyone seen or have any pix of the AMG wheels on a white IS-F?

Know how much these wheels are and if they are compatible with all the needed requirements of the IS-R?

Thanx again.;)

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Thank you flip,your right about me completing my research first because several of these questions are obvious.;)

Things like cargo mat and net,all weather mats and the compatibility of the satellite with the I-pod adapter are not very clear at all,i can install anything which is plug and play like this adapter but why are they not sold together?

Will i need to decide on just one or can i get the car with sat. and add the I-pod adapter myself later?

I am down to the nitty gritty really,it's these little details which will slow me down as i am way too detail oriented to just not think about them now because inside the dealership is no time for me to be deciding on things which should have been addressed prior.

Bummer on the AMG wheels though,the raw alloy look would accent a light color much better than the darker standard ones.:(

I'm going through every option so i may need some minor advice here,please bare with me,i will proly have purchased a total of 5 cars in my lifetime and this will be #3 at 44.:D

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The Lexus build site is missing several options i have only read about,some i want and others i do not.

Where is the moon roof option?
I have seen them both with and with out so i know i will need to opt for and pay extra but how if there site wont even show it and the others?

I am heading down to my dealer very soon and i am sure they will st me straight.

Any word on a future IS-F convertable or coupe?

Saw one lil thing on an IS-FR but it sounded like allot of doe for a few HP and a few lbs. shed off.:confused:

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Moon Roof is a No Cost delete option available Special Order Only. You wont find a car without it.

I did see some pix w/o one but it must have been ordered that way,dunno why.:confused:

Are they quality units? I know the ones on the newer Chevy trucks are not top quality units,they don't even open into the roof/headliners protection,they just slid back on top of the roof.

Whats with this Lexus Warranty Platinum Protection VS Lexus Gold Protection?

Sounds like some additional coverage past the first 4 years?

I only drive like 7000 miles a year but i do drive aggressively.

Requires Lexus factory maintenance and all routine maintenance schedules done on time and by a dealership? Is that correct?

Are these worth it and do you have to have every regular maintenance done by them on time or can they deny a claim?

Can this extension be added near the end of the regular warranty if you get a full check up first and pass?

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The reason why the Lexus Accessory Ipod adapter and the Sirus/XM satellite interface does not work together is because there is one open slot for input in the backside of the headunit. There is only room for one plug in accessory so it's its one or the other. There is a company called VaisTech which offers an all in one unit. You can find more info here:

They are a vendor on Club Lexus and have group buys from time to time.

Attention to detail is key and does help you find exactly what you want and need. :)
Again excellent info!!

So i want both,so i should avoid both factory options then add this to gain both later?

Will there be any cons to this VaisTech in reguards to how it makes both work within the whole audio system?

And,what are the prices of both factory installed units and the VaisTech non-group and group prices?

I'm assuming both factory units are more money than this other one?

Is this one of the things which will/could effect the warranty as it pertains to something which goes out and may be (even if only in their eyes)effected by this aftermarket item?

How is Lexus in general about warranty issues and covering them?

That last question is proly more of a dealership related thing right?

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Now that i am going with the factory Nav/system,i read some ppl like more/better bass and get it.

How are they doing this with the same HU,just replacing the subs?

Or can an Amp be added too?

Can other Amps be added with this HU later or is this just not possible?

Going to the dealer now,i will wait a few before i go to read any responses.:D

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Thanx guys!!

What exterior color did you get which went so well with the Alpine interior?

Well yesterday i did go into the dealer and they only had one used "09" and said the 2010's would be in next month but would be identical.

It had 1800 miles on it and said it was traded in after only a month because the guy switched jobs and he could not afford the $1200 a month payment so they helpped him and sold him an IS-250.

They said it had been there for three weeks and one guy offered $51,000 and they told him to walk.

The sales guy said at this time they would "most likely" take $52,000(he suggested that amt.) and since it was Fathers day and just before closing he suggested coming back Mon.

I called him in the AM to remind him about our "deal" and to "make sure we could still do it" which he stated "oh yea we proly can but just come in and we will do it".

I showed up,test drove the car,corrected him on several things about the car and headed into the office to make 'this' deal.:rolleyes:

After taking my info,no employment,debt ratio or FICA scores as i said i would paying cash(or check that is)he goes off to do the "dirty deed".

He comes back to show/tell me they have $56,750.00 into this car and would need that for it.:confused:

So he also joked the day before about how the unlucky chump who traded in the car (and BTW paid for another within a month)had paid "full price" for it.

So they made a fine profit on the 1st and the 2nd i am sure then tell me $52,000 and come back to tell me they actually paid $56,750.00 on a trade in>:eek:

Starting to know why i hate and never did trust car salespeople,just must have forgot that's all.;)

After a few comments about "is there anything we can do" we walked out and i just told him if he would have not told me something he was not so sure about(his deception about this was no mistake) i have come back to get the 2010 next month but now that cannot happen.

While we filled out the paperwork he talked about how the sales guys are really more for the buyers not the dealership cause if he don't sell he don't make his commission,what a bull line.

They must know some are juts stupid and the rest they can just make up for by purely using deception cause lets face it,most are in there to buy the car and haggling is a part of it.

Was a sad day for sales people in that i now have a the same old found disrespect for them today which i found many years ago.:D

The drive was great,wish i would have pushed it more now though,i think he only shit his pants one time.:eek:

No miles,a 2010,color i want inside and out and the options with better rates on financing,hell they may even have some incentives for 2010 but i wont hold my breath.

Think he will call me back?:D

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Some questions:

Does anyone have the Alpine white anywhere local here in So. Cal. that i can actually see before i order it? Or any way other than pix?

When is the 2010 ordering going to start?

Is there "any" planned changes to the 2010 to speak of?

Does a special order mean retail for sure?

Does it really take a month to get a SO?

I am thinking of the black with Alpine,i know its not called black but it is to me.;)

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I will be looking for the white/alpine loaded with every option except the light wipers.

I was told no dealers order the alpine interior,is this true?

When next month will I be able to find the 2010 and will I find this combo or should I be trying to order it soon?

What's the gen 6 have that the 09 does not?

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Thanx for that info.

Im finding the ML system will not be available in 2010.

Is there any way if this is true it will in any way facilitate in some way the addition of a better system in the top factory Nav location?

Im under the impression that location with or without the ML is so filled with other switches and such that an aftermarket high end receiver would need to be installed in the lowest portion of the front console.

I would like nothing less than to have a high end system in that upper area with out butchering the car.

So now if they only offer the standard system will everything be the same except the price of the Nav will obviously lowered and the upper console will just look the same(with the nav) without the surround sound,amp/amps and all the speakers?

Adding high end amps and speakers is easy,adding a top Alpine head unit in that top spot seems impossible since it is not a standard double din opening.

What is the size of that screen?

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Thanx for all the info guys!!

I drove an 09 ISF preowned and was told i could get it for like $52,000.00 but after we went into the "office" he did his thing and $57,700.00 was his offer and after a few choice words our negotiations were over and as i left he followed me out playing his games to get me to meet him half way i guess.

Long story short,i don't play games and i told him that from the start.

The next day i drove a Z06 and was never to look back,it's not as quiet but it's one impressive ride.:D

I still love the ISF but it's a street car which is driven on a track while the Z is a track car which is driven on the street and the street is my the speed limit that is.:cool:
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