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What I've noticed about IS F owners...

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I think you guys are all NUTS! Respectively that What I am referring to is, for the past few weeks that I have been here. I have been searching around and and a lot of you guys are modifying the hell out of your cars. I mean I come from a background of camaro's where everyone's camaro is pushing 450 rwhp at the least and others over 700 rwhp. You guys don't care about the warranty do ya? I'm only curious to everyone's opinion, so please do not take this the wrong way.

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most of the mods we do and that are available dont ruin the warranty

evo owners are the same way, very few remain in stock condition. usually they mod them out, then put it all back to stock before they sell it or trade it in.
They shouldnt void your warranty and if they try they have to prove it was the mod that caused the issue.
+1 to all comments...honestly none of this aftermarket parts should void your warranty.

As for the GTR, since its already twin turboed and any aftermarket parts that will mess with tranny and other parts voids warranty
Hey JC, speaking of the trans warranty, have you seen this? Did you SIGN the paper? hehe
That was hilarious!!! My view on car companies...Build whatever car you are going to build, then stand by the car you built!!!
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