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What is the difference among Autocom CDP

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Obd2 tool market had released several different Autocom CDP , so many people are confused with this,now we explain it to all of you:
Autocom CDP function:
They have almost the same function, no much difference.

SP79-A: can not do Ford cars very well
SP79-B: can do ford cars well now, just released this function several days ago
SP79-D: the most importand feature is that it can do Ford cars well (it meets the need for the customers who want to do ford cars wtih Autocom CDP)

Autocom CDP software version:
SP79-A: 2011.03, latest version now
SP79-B: 2011.01
SP79-D: 2011.01

Autocom CDP activation on DIYOBD2.FR :
SP79-A: Need activation, after you receive it, you need to proivde us stickers which our company QC put on the machine
SP79-B: No need activation
SP79-D: No need activation

Autocom CDP update:
They all can not update at present, because the software are all different, they can not use it mixedly, and also can not update from 2011.01 to 2011.03.
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is there anyone can help me?
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