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What is F?

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F is a muscular stance. F is beauty within a beast. F is highly evolved performance. F is an expression of you. F is everything you thought we weren't.

With these phrases, Lexus reminds us that their new dedicated IS-F site at <A HREF=""></A> is now open for your enjoyment. Too good to be described as a mere microsite, it contains a Gallery, Design and Technology sections with tons of never-before-seen pictures and video shot at both California's Laguna Seca racetrack (during <A HREF="">the my.IS / Club Lexus enthusiast event</A> there) and at Japan's Toyota-owned Fuji Speedway, site of the 2007 Formula 1 Grand Prix of Japan.

Also included is <A HREF="">The F Story</A>:
The IS F began with just two people - and a lot of desire. They knew instinctively that Lexus was more than ready for a true high performance car, even though there wasn't anything like it in Lexus' long term plans. They knew that it must be nothing less than a mold-breaking performance car with expected Lexus virtues.

The small team started by creating a concept idea after studying the various aspects of driving enjoyment and soon constructed a "proof of concept" car to present their ideas in the metal. This car was built by equipping a first generation IS body with a 5.2L V8 engine developed by TRD and suspension that incorporated the latest thinking. This 'proof of concept' required a car that could really be driven in order to prove its worth - and it was. The team presented it many times and slowly found support in high places.

As supporters of the new car increased, the team was able to take real steps toward development. "The first request that I made to the development team was to create a car that can be driven with enjoyment on a racing circuit for more than 10 laps," said IS F Chief Engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi.

The designers, engineers, technicians and test drivers went well beyond his initial request and together created a milestone car that thrills the senses, but doesn't wear them out. Savvy owners will no doubt find themselves booking time at their favorite race tracks just to savor the IS F's many dynamic and aural pleasures, all courtesy of some very gifted and dedicated visionaries that also happen to be enthusiasts.

Among the site's many goodies, one of this author's favorites is the copy of <A HREF=""> the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show press kit,</A> whose 20 artistic duotone-photographed pages are introduced by a picture of F Project Manager Yukihiko Yaguchi, all serious intent and with his helmet atop the IS-F's hood. The copy next to his picture asks this rhetorical question:

"Why F? Fuji Speedway and Higashi Fuji Technical Centre at the foot of Mt. Fuji have been home to the development of the IS F. That's three good reasons. Perhaps a better one is 'finesse'. Like every Lexus, the IS F has to conform to what are probably the most stringent standards in the motor industry, those of Lexus engineers and designers, before it was even considered for public consumption."

Also worth checking out are the 2007 Detroit and Geneva Auto Show press kits (especially the latter), some specs, the wallpaper downloads, and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. And we'd be remiss, of course, if we didn't mention the Links page, which contains links to both my.IS and Club Lexus. That's so great of Lexus to do, and, for that, we'd like to thank IS F Launch Manager Justin Hood.

Speaking of thank yous, this story wouldn't be here this soon without Club Lexus member ToyotaDad and my.IS member manoj, the latter having started <A HREF="">a thread on our sister site my.IS' IS-F Forums.</A>
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