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What I drive currently and what i've driven (lots of pics)...

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Many of you are probably asking...what do I drive? Well I currently own a 07 GS350 which I purchased new at Longo Lexus.

As of 8-25-08, it's been a year of ownership. After a year and a half of being exposed to the IS F since the World Debut of the IS F in Detroit at the NAIAS 07, one can only wonder.

1-8-07 - World Debut of the IS [email protected] NAIAS 07 - Detroit, MI

Lexus has been waiving this car in front of me for quite some time now...

5-12-07 - Toyotafest 2007 - Long Beach, CA

8-4-07 - Taste of Lexus - Irvine, CA

8-15-07 - Lexus Performance Experience - Monterey, CA

8-17-07 - Monterey Historics - Monterey, CA (RMMGS4 in the pic)

8-25-07 - Taste of Lexus Evening Edition - Arcadia, CA (IS-F on the dyno for the 1st time. The same day I picked up my new GS350)

9-30-07 - HIN Night Shift - Pleasanton, CA

10-25-07 - Lexus ISF Press Day #1 - Carmel Valley, CA
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10-26-07 - Lexus ISF Press Day #2 - Monterey, CA

10-30-07 - Lexus ISF Dyno @ SEMA Day 1 - Las Vegas, NV

10-31-07 - Lexus ISF Display @ SEMA Day 2 - Las Vegas, NV

11-1-07 - Lexus ISF @ SEMA Day 3 - Las Vegas, NV

11-21-07 - LA Auto Show - Los Angeles, CA

11-23-07 - SF Auto Show - San Francisco, CA

1-13-08 - JDM Theory Japantown - San Francisco, CA

1-20-08 - 08 Lexus IS F Brochure Photoshoot - Los Angeles, CA

5-3-08 - Toyotafest 2008 - Long Beach, CA

6-1-08 - Lexus Performance Driving Academy - Fontana, CA
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6-6-08 - Toyota Motorsports - Torrance, CA

6-6-08 - Friday Night Meet - Arcadia, CA

6-7-08 - Auto Club Dragway - Fontana, CA

6-8-08 - Diamond Ranch HS - Diamond Bar, CA

6-9-08 - Lake Matthews - Riverside, CA

6-10-08 - Freshly washed @ Longo Lexus - El Monte, CA

7-20-08 - JDM Theory LA @ Auto Club Speedway - Fontana, CA

8-13-08 - Lexus Performance Experience - Monterey, CA

8-16-08 - Longo Lexus Photo Shoot - El Monte, CA

Is it obvious what i'm eying as of late? :D
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Very nice collection of photos. You get around. Thanks for sharing them.
Those events look like tons of fun!! I'm jealous! :D Sweet ride by the way :cool:
Next time do you think you could include some photos?:rolleyes:

Great shots by the way, and yes I do like your ride as well.
agreed...very nice photos love the GS perfect rims on themm :D :D
Very nice photos. I also really like your GS especially with those wheels.
Nice pics for sure and definitely nice GS350, but why wouldn't you get the "F" first or maybe the same color GS but a 450h or 460?, considering those models have more power! Just curious....
Nice pics for sure and definitely nice GS350, but why wouldn't you get the "F" first or maybe the same color GS but a 450h or 460?, considering those models have more power! Just curious....
Because when the F first came out, I didn't want to pay MSRP for it. The GS is a great car, but it's not as engaging to drive as an IS. I came from an 04 IS300 which I put 105k miles before I traded it in for the GS. Now that I have the GS, i've modded it to my liking, but it's not as fun to drive as any IS of course. It is fast, but it is a big car.

The 450h and 460 have about a $10k premium over my 350 (mine is the ML/NAV w/Park Assist and etc), and they don't perform much faster...only by a few tenths of a second which isn't much. The 350 is the best bang for the 3GS as 1) you don't lose trunk space like the 450h and 2) fuel mileage in the 350 is better than the 460 and the 450h (same mileage numbers for the hwy, only the city mpg is a little better). The extra 39 hp (303 vs. 342) and 2 extra gears wasn't worth the wait or the extra premium. AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) in the GS460 is nice, but I was planning to do coilovers anyway so that feature would have been useless.
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So it finally happened, my order finally was released from the Port of Long Beach for nearly 3 weeks. It was delivered to Longo last Thursday night/Friday Morning. I took delivery of my 2009 Starfire Pearl w/Black interior on 12/11/08. Finally! :D

Please excuse the cam phone pics...better ones to come. :)

And got to take it to it's first meet this past Sunday in LA...

12-14-08 - Holiday Meet @ Petersen's Automotive - Los Angeles, CA
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congrats! i have a feeling that your gs is going to get lonely in the garage now that you have your F... haha
That is so clean! I love the Starfire Pearl color, nice choice and congrats! :cool:
Perfect Choice in Color......I just got mine yesterday.
Congratulations and enjoy!

The IS-F definitely looks good in white.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
Starfire Pearl is the best color i think. Nice pics ! Im getting my starfire F tomorrow too, i cant wait to drive it on the road.
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