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What bolt-ons showed up at SEMA?

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I've been waiting to hear if any new products were released at SEMA.Cold air kits, other exhaust options, hand held tuners? I enjoyed Mikes video and Fig's pictures,but can anyone that was there give us East coasters some other product descriptions. Thanks
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Give me a little while to do some research. I looked up Greddy and they released their new "winter" products (they aren't for winter itself, just released during the winter time) and nothing about the F was mentioned. Let me keep looking and see what else I can find :)
I saw no official products released at the show.
Wow that sucks! I know it has only been out for a year but there should be some other products out by now.
Nothing from Tein, Eibach, or Borla yet either. I'll keep looking around
Damnit! So are these products going to work around warranty? That could be the issue on why the its taking so long to come out, they probably need approval for warranty coverage from Lexus.
Aftermarket products, unless released by Lexus or TRD, are not covered under the Lexus warranty....

Link might help with your warranty question
That's correct. Most of the aftermarket mods are listed as "off-road" use only. A way that an aftermarket part will void your Lexus factory warranty if a Lexus service dept. deems that the cause of the fault/failure is caused by your aftermarket parts. Some dealerships will turn away some cars with modifications as it is on a case by case basis. Some dealerships are mod friendly, some aren't. It's to their discretion if they will work on your car with aftermarket mods or not.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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