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What are the best spark plugs for the F?

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Hey whats the best spark plugs for the F? Also has anyone here used nology hot wires on there car? Do they help and are they reliable?

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OEM Sparkplugs : Denso FK20HBR11
Stick with stock. The stock ones I believe are Denso Iridiums...some of the best spark plugs you can buy.
If you want the best plug for the car use a standard copper plug, I believe the heat range should be a 6 for an ngk plug. There is no better conductor of electricity than copper as far as spark plugs go. The only drawback is that you have to change them more frequently since they will deteriorate much faster than a platinum or iridium plug. Now for the plug wires, keep your money in your pocket due to the fact that the 2UR uses a coil on plug ignition.
VVT-i engines are designed to run Iridium sparkplugs, I would not recommend putting anything else. The stock ones to their job perfectly.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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