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well youre all from LA and no one but 2 guys showed up to the meet last time at in n out sherman oaks. It's not a far drive, maybe 10-15 minutes, its close to the agoura-sherman oaks people and then city-sherman oaks people so it seemed liek a great spot.
We're doing it again on sunday, I'd love to see more IS-F's show up. the BMW fan base was MUCH stronger! Let's see what you got! ill post the info here+ in a new thread!

This sunday (5/31/09) Burger's and Cars along with a possible canyon drive!

Same location!!

4444 Van Nuys Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, California 91403
(Moorpark and Van Nuys, one block N. or Ventura)

Meet 6:00 PM, we'll kick it there, eat a burger with the car, chill, and talk for about an hour or so, and then from there at around 7:30 we'll drive down to malibu if people feel like it and watch the sunset, maybe a quick photo shoot at the top of stunt road.

I will be expecting to see many IS-F's, YET ALL ARE WELCOME!

please invite all your friends and competetors- its a "super car" meet.

IS-F's, M3's, SRT's, AMG 63's, all fast and 'cool' cars!

see you there!

PM for any questions or if you would like to help out!

Please feel free to invite all of your accomplices and close friends to this! Were trying to improve it from the first Burgers and Car meet which had about 30-40 cars!

Please bring a camera if your a good photographer help us out for a photoshoot! =)
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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