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West Coast Performance Shops???

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Can anyone recommend a reputable shop for performance modifications (e.g., supercharger)? I'm in Vegas, but am willing to travel...
Thanks Much!
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Elite is developing a supercharger and turbo system but its probably going to be a while till they are done. Other than that you're looking at basics (intake, exhaust, headers) or nitrous.
Welcome to the forum. Tell us about yourself and car. How long have you had it. Have you done any performance mods yet?
Thanks for the greetings-
2009 Granite Mica. I've always enjoyed adding additional ponies to my rides, thought it would be nice to have an F; an obscure beast blowing doors off other cars. The header options look great- would like to increase air flow on both ends at the same time. It's been a little tricky finding a reputable shop in Vegas, let alone LA.- thought this the perfect forum to dig a little deeper.
I have a box of small stuff sitting in the garage; Navi Bypass, Throttle Control and CAI
I appreciate your replies. Info is priceless...
Tommy from MusicBox in cali comes very highly recommended from many Lexus guys.
Here is a looong thread full of people happy with his work and prices:
Awesome- Thank you for the referral.
I dropped my car off with Tommy yesterday. He installed a Joe-Z exhaust, Navi bypass and throttle control. I'm very pleased with all the mods- Tommy was professional and efficient. He will be first on my list for future work. Infinus- Thanks for taking the time to respond to my original post with Tommy's info
No problem glad I could help and glad everything worked out for you :) Enjoy your new mods!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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