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Went to Dyno

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I'm in the Viper club here in Kansas City and they do a free dyno day every year for paid members. Took the Viper and the ISF since I plan on ordering the Joe Z intake and exhaust. (Want to hear the exhaust in person before ordering). Any way during the day there were about 20 Vipers so I was definately the runt but did get 3 pulls in. All stock with half tank of 91 and half tank of 93.

Thats my Blue and white Viper on the left :)
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Danno, sorry I couldn't open the pictures, but what WHP and torque figures did you get?
Oh man, feels like a little mouse compare to the Beast of the Vipers and Vettes I see in the pics and although F is not a slouch either..
Great 1st post and welcome! :)
Had some requests on a different board to have my Dyno sheet reprinted with CF set at SAE and smoothing at 5.

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