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Yes, bros I have the WEDs. They're forged and much lighter than OEMs at less than 9kg per wheel. I still think that the ISF's better lap time against the C63 in our magazine's comparo was partly due to it. he he he.. But there is noticable improvement especially when exiting from curves at the track. I have 8 in. up front and 9s at the rear but offsets are such that they stick out a bit more. I think they are 35 and 45 respectively. I use my original Pilots Sports for tires and there's a bit of rubbing on the rear but not enough to cause significant damage.
I don't think they are forged. I've been trying to find information about how they are made, forged or cast and haven't found much information. I think though they are either cast or flow formed...Darshana S..
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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