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Water pump failure

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Hi guys,
Diana here, my husband just did an oil change on my F and noticed that the water pump is failing, my warranty is up this friday the 23rd, im taking it to the dealer tomorrow, is there anything else you guys can think of that might go out after my warranty is up? its a 2008, with roughly 45k miles on it, i want to take care of as much as i can before the warranty is up.

thanks! :)
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OP:If the water pump or any other part of the cooling system is seriously failing, the coolant temperature will climb up to the redzone. Has it done that?

If it is, safely pull the car to the should or better yet off the freeway and off the road. Shut off the engine and call a tow truck. Cooling system failure can damage the engine.
leaking water pump seal is common with this engine. many on CL have had theirs replaced and there is a new part number for the replacement pump so it is a redesign.

The water pump would be covered under the powertrain warranty that is 70,000 miles or 72 months:
Is there a TSB on this?

What years are affected?

Thank you.
No..... there is not a TSB.

I believe it applied to most 2008 - 2009 before the part was revised with a design change in 2010.

In the service manual there is simply a provision to inspect and replace if a leaking condition is found

"Visually check the air hole and drain hole for coolant leakage.
If leakage is found, replace the water pump"

There is no recall, or even a technical data sheet other than what the service manual lists above.

Thank You.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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