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To help answer your question: YES the warranty WILL be voided, unless it's done and authorized by Lexus/Toyota, example:

Supercharger/Turbo or a computer chip that's noticed from an ECU that's been open not recognozed or authorized by Toyota will void the warranty.

Exhaust/ K&N Air filter etc WONT void the warranty, anything that will change the way the car's ECU (computer) reads things and changes the way that it performs they, (Toyota warranty) , can void it.These two small mods and similar ones to it wont affect it because they see it as a "non-deterant" factor for what the problem may be,(engine blow-up, tranny, etc,etc)

With that all being said Toyota knows people are going to modify there cars that's why they're trying to open the market for the "F" so that we can do so without warranty issue's, thank you Sema
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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