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Warning !!!

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Just to let everyone know, the IS-F brakes are on back order !!!! :(
And that's national !!

Andy Miodynski
McGrath Lexus of Chicago
1250 W Division St
Chicago IL 60622
774-342-6300 office
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Rotors? Pads? ....

Could you indicate pricing as well so we get an idea.

As of yesterday, they were shipped from Japan !! I'll be back at the store tommorow and get the pricing.
Here ya go. Sorry I forgot to post it earlier.
Front Pads are $130.03 a set
Rear Pads $103.65 a set
Front Rotors are $209.44 each
Rear Rotors are $272.37 each.
Unfortunately, this defeats the purpose of selling the F-Sport Big Brake Kit. Sewell Lexus, a long time supporter of the Lexus enthusiast communities have been blowing these out since they were available, so it explains why they are on backorder.
those rotors and pads are pretty inexpensive! now how much is it for a replacement caliper?:)
are the stock pads back in stock?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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