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Vossen Wheels CV-1 Concave IS-F

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Thought I would share this with everyone!

Vossen Wheels CV-1 NEW concave wheel that they developed!

20x9 +38
20x10.5 +42

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Those look pretty hot!

A couple questions:
1) What size rubber is on that ISF in the pic?
2) Are there any rubbing issues at all?
3) Are the fenders stock without any modifications?

This summer I am going to be buying new wheels and tires, and am planning on running 255 front and 295 rears. I want to make sure that I can fit these with the proper offsets without any rubbing or further modification.

I'm assuming that is your car in the pics...after seeing the license plate and the roof spoiler. How do you like the rims so far?
aww hot, more pics please. with some different angles
I love it! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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